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This book is recommended by billionaires:

I come from an era when everyone wanted to know how to be a millionaire. Rafael Badziag has compiled a new age book about what it is to be a billionaire in a world of digital and exponential growth. Over the decades I think the reader will find the foundations for being a leader are still the same, but with a twist. It is the twist that makes this book exceptional.
Chip Wilson
Chip Wilson
Canadian Billionaire, founder of Lululemon Athletica
I recommend this book because it contains all the essentials of how you can make your business a big success.
Vincent Lo
Vincent Lo
Hong Kong Billionaire, founder and chairman of Shui On Group
This book would have been the right book for me when I was young. It would have saved me reading more than 20 biographies that I effectively bought and read at that time.
Lirio Parisotto
Lirio Parisotto
Brazilian Billionaire, founder and president of Videolar-Innova
I’ve always valued the real stories of successful people from their very own tone of voice. Therefore, I would like to thank the author of the book for giving me this opportunity to pass my message to the audience of ambitious people and share my real life experience with them. It would be my pleasure if my words could help them to achieve their goals in life.
Petter Stordalen
Petter Stordalen
Norwegian Billionaire, founder of Nordic Choice Hotels
I recommend all entrepreneurs to have a look at this sensational book.
Cho Tak Wong (Cao Dewang)
Cho Tak Wong (Cao Dewang)
Chinese Billionaire, The World Entrepreneur of the Year 2009
I highly recommend this book. It is very thoroughly researched book on successful philosophies of life.
Tony Tan Caktiong
Tony Tan Caktiong
Filipino Billionaire, The World Entrepreneur of the Year 2004
Most successful people I know have an innate curiosity and desire to find out what paths others took that led to their success. This book answers that challenge for everyone as it spells out the characteristics and steps that enabled many successful entrepreneurs to reach their goals. A great road map that everyone can benefit from.
Jack Cowin
Jack Cowin
Australian Billionaire, founder of Competitive Foods Australia
I highly recommend this book. It gives real live stories of not only one but over 20 successful billionaire entrepreneurs. It’s not only a great pleasure to read this book, but I think it gives real exciting and valuable insights on how these entrepreneurs became so successful and how they built their fortune. And all of them did it from scratch. They did not inherit a family fortune. These are the real life stories of entrepreneurs who started with nothing and built a billion dollar fortune. I think it’s really useful, interesting and enjoyable to read.
Lars Windhorst
Lars Windhorst
German Billionaire, founder of Sapinda Group

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“The Billion Dollar Secret”

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“The Billion Dollar Secret”

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“The Billion Dollar Secret”

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“The Billion Dollar Secret”

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“The Billion Dollar Secret”

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“The Billion Dollar Secret”

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“The Billion Dollar Secret”

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“The Billion Dollar Secret”

#1 Global Amazon Best Seller

"The Billion Dollar Secret" is an extraordinary book success:

  • #1 Amazon Best Seller in the US, UK, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Germany and several other countries
  • over 300 book related articles and interviews in over 40 countries
  • 15 language editions on the way: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Vietnamese, Polish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Hungarian, Estonian, Chinese (traditional), Lithuanian, Indonesian and more to come
  • it has been the most successful book launch in the 14-year history of Panoma Press in every aspect: sales, best seller rankings, media attention and spread

No wonder due to those merits:

  • No other book in history gathered 20+ billionaires to share their wisdom
  • Self-made billionaires themselves reveal secrets of their extreme success
  • This is pure billionaire knowledge, not some millionaire nonsense
  • This book is recommended by billionaires

World’s best entrepreneurs share their insights in this book, including:

  • N.R. Narayana Murthy, The World Entrepreneur of the Year 2003
  • Tony Tan Caktiong, The World Entrepreneur of the Year 2004
  • Cho Tak Wong (Cao Dewang), The World Entrepreneur of the Year 2009
  • Mohed Altrad, The World Entrepreneur of the Year 2015
  • Manny Stul, The World Entrepreneur of the Year 2016

What you will learn

There are thousands of books on millionaire thinking. The knowledge they offer isn’t enough to get you to the highest ranks of wealth. The richest people of our times are billionaires. Only 1 in 5 million world citizens belongs to this group. Billionaires are extremely rare, and their mindset differs hugely from that of ordinary millionaires.

“The Billion Dollar Secret” offers firsthand knowledge of billionaire entrepreneurs told in their own words. Never before has someone interviewed 20+ self-made billionaires across the world for a book project. The author worked for years with some of the very best entrepreneurs on the planet and distilled their secrets into 20 mental principles that enabled them to start from zero and create billions of dollars in value during one life span.

This book gives you the road map to follow their path to extreme wealth and success.

From the back cover:


A word from the author

Are you tired of the rat race? Do you ask yourself why is it that despite all your daily hustle you can’t break through the glass ceiling?

How is it possible that some people during a single lifetime manage to build empires and create billions of dollars in wealth – something that most of us, and even most millionaires, can only dream of? What is the secret of these billionaires? Is it a question of lucky circumstances, their environment, education, or their personalities? What are the keys to their phenomenal success? What are their belief systems, mindsets and success rituals that allowed them to create their massive fortunes? What drives them? What gives them energy to relentlessly pursue such outrageous goals? What makes them achieve so much more than other entrepreneurs and become so extremely successful in business?

In this book, self-made billionaires themselves answer these questions and unveil the surprising truth. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride to the inner workings of their minds, hearts and souls. Learn The Billion Dollar Secret and embark on your journey to extreme wealth and success!

The Billion Dollar Secret by Rafael Badziag as black hardcover and yellow paperback

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