Major English Press Articles:

Forbes (May 2019): “5 Ways To Become A Billionaire Just Like Mohed Altrad”

CNBC (September 2019): “5 biggest life regrets of self-made billionaires”

ITV (August 2019): “Does Making Billions Make You Happy?”

Entrepreneur.com (December 2019): “Five Reasons Billionaires Outperform Everybody”

Business Insider (August 2019): “Traits and habits that make billionaires happy”

Fox Business (July 2019): “These 6 habits are what many billionaires have in common”

Marketwatch (July 2019): “4 habits that self-made billionaires practice nearly every day”

Entrepreneur.com (November 2019): “Report: Billionaires’ Success Boils Down to 3 Personality Traits”

Business Insider (July 2019): “The same trait that makes billionaires rich is also their downfall”

ThinkAdvisor (July 2019): “The Secrets of Self-Made Billionaires”

The Telegraph (May 2019): “How to live like a billionaire: give most of your wealth away”

Yahoo Finance (July 2019): “The key principles for success from self-made billionaires”

Business Independent (August 2019): “Book Review: The Billion Dollar Secret by Rafael Badziag”

Inc. (September 2019): “21 Self-Made Billionaires Share Their Greatest Regrets”

Business Insider (December 2019): “Meet Scandinavia’s King of Hotels”

CNBC (July 2019): “3 Traits self-made billionaires have in common”

Business Insider (July 2019): “11 things to do in your 20s to become a millionaire by 30”

CNBC (June 2019): “9 things that motivate the ultra rich to succeed”

Business Insider (June 2019): “What do billionaires do with their money? Debunking a misconception”

Financial Review (June 2019): “The key difference in attitude between billionaires and millionaires”

CNBC (November 2019): “Billionaire And Ex-Microsoft Employee on What It Was Like Working With Bill Gates”

Business Insider (June 2019): “Billionaires become successful and rich by practicing 6 habits”

Yahoo Finance (June 2019): “Interviewed 21 self-made billionaires”

Business Insider (June 2019): “Billionaires vs. millionaires: The difference in how they view money”

CNBC (June 2019): “Here’s what I learned from 21 self-made billionaires I interviewed”

Business Insider (June 2019): “How billionaires made their first million dollars”


The book received a coverage in over 250 publications across the world: here the full (but incomplete) list.


Podcasts & Radio Interviews:


Video Interviews & Public Speaking:

Interviewed Live on FOX Business by Maria Bartiromo (July 2019):

Rafael Live on Fox Business

Success Today – aired on ABC, NBC, SBC and FOX networks (May 2018):

TEDxUNYP “Impossible Is Easier Than You Think” (April 2019):

VietNewsTV “The Billion Dollar Secret” (September 2019):

Cleantech Geek “Entrepreneur’s Insights – Interview with Rafael Badziag” (April 2019):

Museum of Entrepreneurship “My mission was to learn from the very best – Rafael Badziag” (May 2019):

Google Campus “Great Idea Isn’t Enough” (November 2017):